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Ms. JUNE 2013

Meet Cathy!


Ms. June DICE Chick answers some questions By Valerie Silverstein

Val: Is Cathy what you like to go by?
Cathy: Cathy or Metal

Val: Your age is?
Cathy: Age is just a number, but I"m a cougar and like the young ones!

Val: What's your Occupation?
Cathy: I'm an Internet Model & Live Game Show Hostess( Playtime with Scorch, in Las Vegas)

Val: What's your bra size & are they real?
Cathy: (size) 36K and NOT real, I had them done SIX times

Val: WOW they really suit you, wish I could get away with 36K's ;) Where are you from & where do you live now?
Cathy: I was Born in CA, raised in CT & RI & now living in Las Vegas

Val: How long have you been a DICE Fan?
Cathy: Ever since he was known in the late 80's early 90's. I remember him from his crazy Larry Days ( Different Strokes), his movies & right from the start of stand-up. I saw him back in 90' in a huge Arena in Worcester, MA

Val: What is it about DICE that makes you a fan?
Cathy: I love the brutal honesty, I love his humor, I'm a sucker for a NY accent and I have the UTMOST RESPECT for him. As controversial as he is and how many times he was banned from places etc.. he stuck to his guns, stayed true to himself & NEVER changed. You have to respect someone who doesn't change who they are just to be liked or accepted. Now that I've met him in person... Dice is class at it's finest. He treated me with the utmost respect, class & decency. People out there need to take a lesson from him on how to treat other people! I should have my own dating show like "Rock of Love" and have Dice be the one to approve the guys. It would be funny, but I know he'd find someone who isn't an idiot & someone who has respect for me.

Val: I absolutely LOVE the dating show idea, I'd watch it ;) ...So what type of guys do you like?
Cathy: LONG HAIRED rocker guys. Dark hair is my fave, eyeliner, tattoos, nose ring, tight pants. Hey it's not just guys that want to check out the bodys on tight clothing. David Lee Roth is my fave, the best front man ever and he can rock a pair of spandex like no other Also love RATT, Loudness I wish someone would deliver me some Masayuki Suzuki! I also love heavier thrash bands.....Testament ,I LOVE Chuck Billy, Overkill, Slayer, Annihilator, Megadeath, So DICE feel free to hook me with David Lee Roth or Suzuki any time!

Val: Dice wants to know...Have you ever done anything interesting with ice cream?
Cathy: hmmm... not sure if this question has some hidden meaning to it that I'm not getting.... but I can think of a few guys I wouldn't mind being an Ice cream cone!!!

Follow Cathy on: Twitter @36Kmetal or or at

If your in Las Vegas check Cathy out as Mistress Metal Hostess for the live Game Show "Playtime with Scorch". The show debuts @ Jokers of Clubs Hookah Lounge on 6/16. For more info go to