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Ms. JULY 2013

Meet Christie Kane!

Val: How old are you?
Christie: Oh I don't tell anybody that

Val: Lol! I like that answer! Would you mind giving me your measurements?
Christie: Sure 32D- 23- 35 I'm tiny, I'm only 5'1 and 100 lbs

Val: Those are some measurements! You were Miss Howard Stern, How was that?
Christie: Yes in April 2009 it was a lot of fun.... I did some things that were a lil naughty. Sometimes you do things and you look back like why the hell did I do that! But oh well, it did help boost my (modeling) career.

Val: What is your career?
Christie: I've been doing modeling for about 6 years now, I also host (concerts/clubs) sometimes. If you google Metal Barbie you'll find a lot of my stuff. I really enjoy what I do, but modeling isn't easy it's harder then most people think. It can be a pain in the ass cuz you always have to watch what you eat & always excercise... I just want to take a whole month off and not have to do anything! I actually just came out in a really big movie called "The Wolf of Wall Street" it's directed by Martin Scorsese I play a stripper in it. It was so much fun doing the movie. If I could do it all over again I would. I got to meet Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey! My scene isn't in the trailer though, probably because I get completely naked.

Val: WOW! Martin Scorseces!! Congratulations! Thats a really big deal, can't wait to see it ;) So where are you from and where do you live now?
Christie: I grew up in Canarsie (Brooklyn) and right now I live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Val: Your a real Brooklyn,New York girl! What do you do for fun?
Christie: I'm pretty average, I like the movies, going out to eat, love seeing bands & concerts

Val: What type of guys do you like?
Christie: Well I do like a nice face and eyes even a nice body, but what really attracts me is their personality. I like someone who is funny and nice. It's way more important to me then looks. A lil bit of a bad boy is ok too, you know once in a while.

Val: When did you first hear about Andrew Dice Clay?
Christie: I've been watching Dice since I was about 20, I love all his comedy specials. I saw his last special on ShowTime, It was really awesome. He is just so funny. I have so many of his jokes stuck in my head, I crack up sometimes just thinking of them.

Val: What is it about Dice that makes you a fan?
Christie: I love the fact that he is so blunt. Just the things he comes up with are so crazy and funny. I'd really love to see him live.

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